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 Post subject: OCPD Support Group Guidelines
PostPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 8:14 pm 
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OCPD (Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder) Support Group Guidelines
revised 3/21/13

The OCPD Support Group is for those with OCPD and their loved ones, speaking from their own experiences of having or dealing with OCPD. Through sharing these experiences we learn, gain understanding, and grow. It's particularly helpful to learn from those who've already been where you are now. Seeing your situation through their eyes helps you open your own eyes to what's going on in your life.

The forum shouldn't in any way replace medical, legal, professional, or any other kind of real-life help. We're just an online group of lay people sharing our OCPD experiences and trying to help each other as best we can.

Getting Started
- Pick an anonymous username which is other than a nickname you typically use on the internet, avoiding the use of your first or last name, geographic location, or any other identifying factors. You want to remain anonymous so a simple google search won't reveal the personal things you might post about your OCPD situation.
- Click on the link in the activation email sent to your email address to activate your account.
- Your first post will go into moderation. After it's approved, then any subsequent posts will be posted to the board immediately without being moderated.
- You might start a new thread introducing yourself soon after you join and begin posting.
- Try to stick to the thread topic - don't "hijack" threads by changing the subject.
- You might want to change your options to display most recent posts in a thread first. Go to:
>User Control Panel >Board Preferences >Edit Display Options >Display post order direction: Descending
and then click "Submit"
- Change any other preferences such as your time zone in the User Control Panel
- You may use the PM (private message) system to communicate with other members. If you feel another member is being inappropriate in PMs to you, PM the OCPDmanager with your concerns. Don't reply to another member's PM if you don't want to. Don't be pressured into revealing any personal information to them, such as your email address, name, location, age, gender, or marital situation.
- You might take time to greet a new member by responding to their post.
- If you forget your password, go to the login page and follow the instructions for resetting it.
- If you believe you have OCPD, apply to join the OCPDonly group on the "Apply" board.

#1 You're here because you or someone who is or was close to you has OCPD, and are still sorting out that experience. Otherwise you don't belong here.
#2 Be kind to and respectful of others.
#3 Represent your opinions as your own. Don't tell others what to do, unless they're suicidal, when they need to be told to seek real-life help.
#4 Don't monopolize the forum. Allow others the chance to be heard.
#5 Understand OCPD is a distinct, specific disorder including certain traits and lacking others.
#6 Technical violations such as spamming, threats, or foolishly revealing identifying information that could easily be found on a google search.

Forum Administration
The health of the forum depends almost entirely on the behavior of its members. I'm not able to read all of the posts. If a member's posts disturb you, then please alert me to that by sending a PM to OCPDmanager or by sending a report to me by clicking on the red "!" at the bottom of the post. The best thing you can do for the forum is to maintain your own healthy psychological boundaries as a good example to the other members. Of course, this isn't easy when so many people on the forum are already in psychological pain. OCPD itself can be understood as a chronic, specific set of unhealthy psychological boundaries. Other members may have different personality disorders with their own set of chronic unhealthy boundaries. For most of the members without personality disorders, bad boundaries which are situational can be made better over time. You can help them with that.

Members will be banned if they show a pattern of breaking the rules. There's not a specific formula to determine when someone is banned; it's more based on their level of disruption to the healthy, healing atmosphere of the forum. It's a judgment call where I may be in error, but, someone has to do it. We can say that the primary reason members get banned from the forum is that they're unable to maintain their own healthy psychological boundaries. If you have conflicts with other members, take some time to consider how you come across to them. In the same way, try to understand where they are coming from. Understand except for a quirk of fate it could just as well have been you with OCPD instead of your loved one, and that those with OCPD aren't always the only disordered ones.

Members will be given wide latitude in their posting behavior. We all want the same thing -- a thriving online community, focused on OCPD situations, where people are kind and respectful towards each other, and their SO, where individual voices can be heard, where members can be helped. Inevitably the rules will be broken at times, without any ill consequences. The problem arises when a member seriously disrupts the atmosphere and purpose of the group.

In general, I'll deal with forum problems publicly, on the main board. That way other members will know what's going on. I may warn, suspend, or ban members. I won't delete posts (though members may delete or edit their own posts), except for such things as #6 Technical Violations. People should be allowed to be heard, to say what they have to say, and let it stand, even if later they're banned. There's nothing worse than forum admins who work behind the scenes deleting posts and banning members willy-nilly without any explanation.

It's not against the rules to criticize the forum management.

Paul email:[email protected]
~ Validation heals shame ~

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