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Cammer Self-test

Fri Mar 22, 2013 7:40 pm

From "Freedom from Compulsion" by Leonard Cammer, M.D. (1976) pp 204-205

Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Inventory

Rate each statement below on a scale of 1 to 4 as follows:
1 None or a little of the time
2 Some of the time
3 Good part of the time
4 Most or all of the time

1. I prefer things to be done my way.
2. I am critical of people who don't live up to my standards or expectations.
3. I stick to my principles, no matter what.
4. I am upset by changes in the environment or the behavior of people.
5. I am meticulous and fussy about my possessions.
6. I get upset if I don't finish a task.
7. I insist on full value for everything I purchase.
8. I like everything I do to be perfect.
9. I follow an exact routine for everyday tasks.
10. I do things precisely to the last detail.
11. I get tense when my day's schedule is upset.
12. I plan my time so that I won't be late.
13. It bothers me when my surroundings are not clean and tidy.
14. I make lists for my activities.
15. I think that I worry about minor aches and pains.
16. I like to be prepared for any emergency.
17. I am strict about fulfilling every one of my obligations.
18. I think that I expect worthy moral standards in others.
19. I am badly shaken when someone takes advantage of me.
20. I get upset when people do not replace things exactly as I left them.
21. I keep used or old things because they might still be useful.
22. I think that I am sexually inhibited.
23. I find myself working rather than relaxing.
24. I prefer being a private person.
25. I like to budget myself carefully and live on a cash and carry basis.


25-45. Not compulsive or uptight.
46-55. Mildly O-C. Your compulsiveness is working for you, and you are successfully adaptive.
56-70. Moderately O-C. You are adaptive but uptightness has crept into your personality function, and you experience uncomfortable days of high tension.
71-100. Severely O-C. You are adaptive but quite uptight, insecure and driving hard. The closer you are to the rating of 100, the nearer you come to playing brinkmanship at the ragged edge that borders on exhaustion of your adaptive reserve and a slump into depression.
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